Immediate Dentures - are placed immediately after having any extractions, so that you will not have to go without any teeth. Our office  will take impressions of your mouth and will proceed to make your denture to the likeness of your mouth and any remaining teeth. Once your teeth are extracted the denture is placed immediately in your mouth.

Full Dentures - full dentures are necessary for patients that have lost their natural teeth. A full denture is needed to regain patients aesthetics, functioning and to prevent further bone loss. We offer the latest advancements in denture therapy. We offer conventional dentures to precision BPS dentures.

Partial dentures - a partial denture is needed when only some of your teeth are missing. It is important to have a partial denture, even if you are missing few teeth. It benefits your health and your appearance. By wearing a partial it also keeps your remaining teeth from shifting, providing the support needed. It also will provide you with better chewing stability.​

​Implant dentures-  One of the best ways to retain a full or partial denture is with dental Implants. Implants are basically a substitute for the tooth root and form a stable foundation to retain or support dentures. Implant retained dentures are more stable and allow for a more natural feeling​.

Rebasing dentures-
is done when the teeth of the denture has not yet worn out, but the pink acrylic has started to deteriorate, we then replace just the acrylic and giving you a better fit. Rebases will take about 2 days

Relining dentures-This consists of adding new base material to the tissue side of a denture so it fits properly. Giving you a feeling of comfort and confidence.  You may need a reline if you feel your denture become loose, you have lost weight, lost natural teeth, have not received a reline in 2-3 years, or had an illness.

Denture repairs-If your denture has broke, cracked or chipped, lost a tooth, or need a new tooth added, we can help, usually within the same day, please book a consultation today.

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