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One of the best ways to retain a full or partial denture is with dental Implants. Implants are basically a substitute for the tooth root and form a stable foundation to retain or support dentures. We design and fit the prosthetics for the implants, we can refer you to a surgeon to place them and co-ordinate the entire treatment plan.

When integrated with the bone, the Implants can provide exceptional support for full and partial dentures, Dental Implants can also help preserve the bone, maintaining optimal facial appearance. With implant retained dentures, we can provide the closest replacement of natural teeth, thus restoring your natural smile.

Implant retained dentures are more stable and provide a more natural feeling, thus decreasing your concern regarding the denture's fit. They allow us to fabricate a less bulky denture.  All of this will help you regain your confidence.

Benefits include:

Improved oral health, ability to eat the foods you love,

Improved appearance and confidence
Increased denture stability
Increased denture comfort
Help preserve bone
Restoring your mouth to a natural state.

Implant Supported Dentures